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I know what you’re thinking… “I don’t need a wedding planner, I can do everything myself”. Well that’s what I thought too.  And then I became a bride! I was the bride who wanted to be in control and know every little detail about everything that was going on while I was wedding planning. I even went as far as making a huge custom cutting order at the Paper Source because I wanted “Pocket” invitations, and I couldn’t find the ones I wanted anywhere.  So I scored, folded, and put together every single one…All 200 of them.  And then Jon helped me stamp our monogram on what felt like a million little squares.  This was just the beginning…lol.  Let my hindsight be your gain!

Today I’m going to share 7 Reasons to use a Chicago Wedding Planner:

7. You deserve everything to be fabulous on such an important day. Using a wedding planner alleviates you from dealing with an unexpected crisis… and there’s always at least one (Our trolley never showed up and my Dad had to deal with it).

6. A Wedding Planner has several local vendor connections.  The Chicago Wedding Industry in particular is a very supportive and close-knit group.  Using a planner will allow you to take advantage of their personal professional network of trusted vendors, all of whom have fabulous reputations.  Your wedding planner will have the perfect set of vendors to align with your wedding vision.

5. You have a vision for your wedding day and a planner will bring that vision to fruition.  We all have an idea of how we WANT something to look, but making it happen is another story. A great example of this is my website.  I FINALLY hired a designer to bring my vision to life because I was really having difficulty making it happen… and now I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

4. A wedding planner will help plan your timeline for the day, coordinate with the other vendors, and help keep things on schedule so the ceremony is on time, meals come out hot, there’s enough time for photos, and your guests aren’t kept waiting.

3. A wedding planner can offer their advice.  This isn’t their first rodeo.  They know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to weddings.

2. The dreaded budget… A planner will make sure you stick to it by tracking everything and they can often times negotiate deals with other vendors for their clients because of their relationships.

1. STRESS!!! Having a wedding planner makes the experience so much more enjoyable! My personal experience planning my wedding was super stressful because I was so into the details and completing so many projects on my own… it totally took over my life. Guest lists, table planning, favors, paper suites, linens, flowers, etc.  I had a hand in all these things.  It would have been SOOO nice to have a consultant help me bring the day to life rather than do so much myself. I also really relied on my mom and aunts a TON on the wedding day and it would have been really nice if they could have just enjoyed themselves.  Instead my aunt was trying to get the linens company to iron all the table clothes because they were so wrinkled, they looked like someone threw them in a ball on the floor.  She even went as far as ironing them herself.  I was very thankful for the help, but wish she wouldn’t have had to do all that. She was almost late for the ceremony because of it.

Investing in a wedding planner is one expense you won’t regret because of the many benefits you’ll receive!!  Know someone planning a wedding?  Share this post with them 🙂

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