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Your wedding day may be full of unknowns, but one thing you should never have to wonder about is what to expect from your wedding photographer.

Holy Name Cathedral Wedding

It is vital that my clients trust me and always know where we’re at in the photography process so we remain on the same page.  I thought it would be helpful if I created a list of what to expect from me on your wedding day.  Hopefully this post will promote transparency, and if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

I will

  • Arrive at the bride’s preparation location early
  • Get set up and start snapping away
  • Capture the finishing touches of hair and makeup and document the bride getting into her wedding dress and the groomsmen making their final preparations.
  • Coordinate and facilitate the “First Look”- A “first meeting” for the bride and groom where they see each other before the ceremony.  This is usually done somewhere near the preparation or ceremony site.
  • Let you have your time together- just the two of you, while we document in the background
  • Photograph your couple’s shoot…I may direct you towards natural poses if necessary to achieve an authentic, romantic, and relaxed environment
  • Have the bridal party meet up with us so I can photograph you with them
  • Have your immediate and extended families arrive and we’ll do formal portraits-the selected point person will help me gather all important people to do this quickly, efficiently, and painlessly as possible
  • Congratulate you both because you’re done with any formal photos!!  It’s time to just enjoy the moments as I fade into the background to document the rest of the day.
  • Leave the preparations/portrait site to set up for the ceremony site.  Here I set up any equipment needed during the ceremony. I will take a last look around and find where the light is coming from to best document the ceremony.  At this time you should have a quick refreshment and take 15 minutes of quiet time with just the two of you; you’ll want to regroup before all the excitement begins!
  • Cover the Ceremony and Reception so you can just enjoy yourself and shake your booty on the dance floor!
  • Arrive at the reception site and begin photographing candid shots of cocktail reception.  If there are any additional formal photographs desired we will take this time to finish them in plenty of time for the reception.
  • Enter the dining room before the guests arrive to photograph the cake and floral decor. I also take this time to set up room lights and spotlights if I find they are needed.  Right before the guests arrive we touch base with the catering manager or wedding coordinator to see if there were any last minute changes to the reception schedule.
  • Document the reception candidly as it unfolds, including the first dances, toasts, dancing, and cake cutting. But don’t worry; I am always available for any photo request you may have throughout the evening.  Just ask!
  • Be sure my second shooter and I are communicating well so we can capitalize on having double coverage, getting a variety of different shots.
  • At the end of the night, I will pack my equipment and prepare for my departure. But first, I will check with you to make sure there aren’t any further photos you would like, or an overtime request.
  • Bid you farewell after we snap a photo of us all together!
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