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After your style consultation and figuring out what to be photographed in, you may be asking yourself, “What should I wear TO my photo shoot?

We recommend that you wear something you’re comfortable and confident in. Not only will this put you in the right frame of mind for being photographed, this will allow you to enjoy yourself while you’re being pampered. What is comfortable for one person may not be for another and you know yourself best, so if all else fails, go with your gut. You might feel comfortable in a pair of jeans, yoga pants, or sweats. We like all 3!

We also ask our clients to bring along a comfy pair of slippers or boots (like Uggs…basically slippers) to wear in the studio. This insures your comfort and safety in the studio space.

We dig layers… Wearing a tank or loose fitting t-shirt layered with a zip-up sweater or loose sweatshirt it a good bet. Layers allow you to adjust how much you’re wearing based on the temperature and how you’re feeling once you arrive. An appropriate top is one that is easy to remove without messing up your hair and/or makeup. That is why we love button up fleeces/shirts or zippered sweaters/sweatshirts.

Are you wondering what a photo shoot with us is like? You can get all the details in this blog post—–> Click here to watch a video and find out more.


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