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One of my favorite parts of a wedding day is arriving to the bride’s location to see her for the first time, photograph her getting ready, meet important friends and family members, and also check out those gorgeous details she’s been spending time and effort coordinating.

Today I thought I would share tips for gorgeous wedding prep photos.  Keeping these things in mind will help your photographer achieve the beautifully lit images you deserve.

Tips for Gorgeous Wedding Prep Photos

Tips for Gorgeous Wedding Prep Photos_0001

1. Location~ You’ll want to keep WHERE you’re getting ready in mind.  A well lit hotel room with plenty of natural light, light colored walls, and ample space will translate beautifully in your images.

2. Clean up the Mess~ A wedding day can be hectic and it’s easy for things to get messy with all the preparation going on… It doesn’t take long for make up, hair tools, food, and belongings to clutter up a space.  While you shouldn’t get stressed out over cleaning up your room, just remember that any clutter not cleared will end up in the pictures so it’s be beneficial to remove anything you won’t want to see in your final images.

Tips for Gorgeous Wedding Prep Photos_00023. Details~ I usually start my photography coverage towards the end of your hair and makeup session and like to arrive about an hour before you get into your dress to photograph all the details you’ve so diligently worked to coordinate, as well as take candids of everyone prepping.  It is SUPER helpful when a bride gathers all the details up and places them in the same spot for me to style and photograph.  Details can include any letters or gifts, jewelry, shoes, your dress, veil, your purse, wedding bands, fragrance, bouquet, etc.

Tips for Gorgeous Wedding Prep Photos_0003

4. The Groom’s Getting Ready Location~ These same tips also apply for the groom and can be helpful if he will also be photographed prior to the wedding.  Additionally, it makes a lot of sense logistically for the Groom to get ready in the same location as the bride.  If this isn’t possible, it’s really helpful if the locations are within 10 minutes travel time to each other.  After all, it’s his day too 😉

  • His Details: Shoes, Belt, Cuff Links, Gifts/Letters, Fragrance, Watch, Tie, etc.

Tips for Gorgeous Wedding Prep Photos_0004

5. Pre-Wedding Attire~ Obviously when you’re getting ready you won’t be wearing your fancy clothes yet but it’s nice to have something you feel comfortable being photographed in.  Whether this is a cute dress or a silk robe, being intentional in choosing your pre-wedding clothes make you look and feel fab when you see your “getting ready” images.  This is also sound advice for anyone who will be getting ready with you as well.

Tips for Gorgeous Wedding Prep Photos_0005

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