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Like many others, you’re probably wondering about styling your personal branding session. I’m here to help alleviate that stress by acting as your personal stylist so that you arrive prepared, unstressed, and excited to be photographed. Prior to your session, I will send you some styling/clothing suggestions and if you have questions about what to bring, etc. we will consult and narrow it down to make it easier for you. This can be done via phone, email, Skype, and/or over text. Then, once you arrive in the studio, I will pair outfits and strategize as you get camera ready.

This preparation phase will ultimately help us convey the brand message you’re trying to deliver. How do you want to be perceived? A lot can be ascertained by the clothing we wear and how we present ourselves.

The following tips and suggestions will help you feel prepared and ready to be photographed. Not to mention, taking the time to do this will also help you feel more confident in your choices and positively impact how you feel in front of the camera.

  1. Please be certain that all clothing is freshly pressed and free of lint and pet hair. If you think everything looks good, give it an additional once over. The camera has a way of picking up on these little details that the human eye can often overlook.
  2. Shape-wear makes clothing photograph beautifully. Make sure to bring appropriate bras & shape-wear for each outfit. Don’t forget to bring a strapless bra if needed and make sure to pay attention to the color of bra and if it will show through. You may not feel like you need shape-wear but for the sake of being photographed, shape-wear always makes clothing lay nicer and appear more tailored.
  3. You don’t need to worry about bringing shoes to go with your outfits as they most likely won’t be photographed. (Unless you’re a shoe designer, of course!) Please DO bring a comfy pair of slippers that you can wear throughout the session though.
  4. Fitted clothing that shows your shape works best for photographs. Skip that billowy, blousy top, or anything with dolman or batwing sleeves. While they might be flattering in person, they will not be slimming in camera. This applies to any body type. Choose outfits that will hug your curves, especially your waist, hips, arms, and chest.
  5. Bring any beautiful accessories that you have. (jewelry, hair pieces, scarves, etc.) Consider your brand and the message you’re looking to convey. Remember that YOU are your brand, so select pieces that will compliment and not take away from you in your photos.
  6. Avoiding Prints. Patterns and prints can be distracting. We want people to look at you when they see your portrait, and even the most beautiful print can steal that attention. Consider this when making your choices.

Here are some additional Wardrobe tips/suggestions to consider:

Bring 4-5 outfits. (I will narrow it down to what I think will photograph/flatter you best) Your portraits should be a reflection of you, just more polished. Choose outfits you love. Think of those special pieces you might not wear often because they’re impractical for day-to-day use, or the go-to blouse you always wear when you’re going somewhere nice.

I love Rent the Runway for dresses– perfect for glamming it up without the commitment of buying. They have some really beautiful pieces. Check out www.renttherunway.comB

If you’re a jeans wearer, bring a top that you love and a pair of jeans.


Something Dark. Bring at least one dark outfit or top. Black, Navy or Charcoal work best here.

Something Light. For your light outfit, think angelic. Soft, gauzy, maybe even layered and sheer. It doesn’t have to be white, you could go with cream, nude, or light pink.Something Sexy. This one is entirely up to you. You could skip sexy, and that’s your decision. But if you’d like to, you can be an understated sexy in a backless formal dress, or a more overt sexy in a pretty pinup-style swimsuit. Beautiful lingerie is lovely and empowering. Also, bringing your favorite pair of heels is a great idea too.

Different Necklines. I love to be able to see your collarbone, so boat neck, scoop neck, square neck, deep V and off-the-shoulder are my favorite necklines. Whatever you choose, try to make it more interesting than the basic T-Shirt neckline. If you love turtlenecks, go for it! Feel free to bring whatever calls to you. Mixing up the necklines will add variety to your shots, so try not to bring all of one style.

Different Textures. Sumptuous textures such as lace lend a rich, tactile element to your photos.

Remember that these guidelines are just that; guidelines. We are here to consult with and help you make the final decisions regarding your wardrobe. We want to make this process as enjoyable as possible!

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out here.


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