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With today’s influence of technology in our daily lives, you may find yourself asking “Should we have an unplugged wedding?”

You may be wondering what an “unplugged wedding” is and why it’s something you should consider…

An “unplugged wedding” is one in which the couple decides to ask friends and family not to bring cell phones and cameras to their celebration.  In addition to that, going “unplugged” means no uploading to social media during the event. Or some couples choose to be more laid back and just ask that guest refrain from photo taking during the ceremony.

The next question posed is usually, “Why would we want to have an unplugged wedding anyway?” Well aside from wanting your friends and family to enjoy themselves and celebrate with you (minus any distractions), your photographer may thank you as well!

I happened to come across this great article on Lover.ly about ruined wedding photos due to guests flashes and other issues.  Head over and check out the article to see some visuals and unfortunate instances where couples’ guests inadvertently ruined some key images from their wedding day.  The article will definitely help you make an informed decision when deciding if an “unplugged wedding” is right for you.

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