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As a Chicago Wedding Photographer, you must determine what your client is looking for in terms of a Wedding Album.  To keep things simple I have always offered only one type of album.  The 10 x 10 Leather Craftsmen Heirloom Album is aspired to by many album companies and I will continue to offer it.

In light of this, I decided it was time to offer a higher end heirloom album with an artsy feel. Today I’m excited to introduce you to the 12 x 12 Leather Craftsmen Heirloom Book covered in Japanese Book Cloth.  This album is absolutely gorgeous.  Not only does it carry the Leather Craftsmen name and their unmatched quality, it also satisfies my couples who desire an heirloom album with a vintage and artsy feel.

12x12 Sample Album-Chicago Wedding Photographer

All albums come in a well constructed, thick black box bearing the Leather Craftsmen seal.

12x12 Sample Album-Chicago Wedding Photographer-0002

Inside the box you will find a velour bag for protecting your investment.

12x12 Sample Album-Chicago Wedding Photographer

To showcase this album to clients, I decided to go with premium Japanese Book Cloth Fabric in the color Platinum.

12x12 Sample Album-Chicago Wedding Photographer-0005

I chose a 3 x 5 inch horizontally inset photo with a silver liner.

12x12 Sample Album-Chicago Wedding Photographer-0006

I decided to go with uppercase characters and silver imprint for the names.

12x12 Sample Album-Chicago Wedding Photographer

I love the thick lay flat pages of this album.  Each page is actually a photo print mounted to a thick core cotton board.

12x12 Sample Album-Chicago Wedding Photographer-0008

You can see the thick lay flat pages & the well constructed spine above.  Interested in knowing if a book is constructed well? Check out the book’s spine and see how stiff it is when you move it around.  A lower quality book will have a more flexible spine, which will break down over years of page turning.  These books truly stand the test of time!

12x12 Sample Album-Chicago Wedding Photographer-0009

I love when a couple elects to have a “First Look“… It allows me to capture emotional and intimate moments like the ones pictured above.

12x12 Sample Album-Chicago Wedding Photographer-001012x12 Sample Album-Chicago Wedding Photographer-001112x12 Sample Album-Chicago Wedding Photographer-001212x12 Sample Album-Chicago Wedding Photographer-0013

I love these thick lay flat pages with a tiny gutter.  The tiny gutter allows you to design across the entire spread as above, whereas a “folded” gutter would crack over time, damaging the book.

12x12 Sample Album-Chicago Wedding Photographer-001412x12 Sample Album-Chicago Wedding Photographer-0015

Don’t mind the date on the spread above… I had to use my Mom’s point and shoot for this blog post because I’m spending the week in Michigan.

12x12 Sample Album-Chicago Wedding Photographer-0016

I love when a couple decides to include the details from their wedding celebration in their album.  Doing this really helps the viewer understand the whole “story” of the day.  Plus, all the hard work that went into these gorgeous details shouldn’t be ignored 🙂

12x12 Sample Album-Chicago Wedding Photographer-0017

Last, Amanda and Doug were awesome sports and we ventured out into the wind and slight mist for this final nighttime shot.  I love it!

Are you interested in seeing this album in person? Come by and visit me at Indie Wed Chicago on January 31st and you can hold this baby in your hands!  I’ll also be running an AWESOME show special for booking on the spot… Be on the lookout for that blog post coming soon! Alternatively, if you’re getting married and looking for a wedding photographer, drop me a line.

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